Thursday, 26 November 2009

Chip Fork Update!!

I have re-ordered the forks through the suppier direct. You should get them tomorrow instead of 5th December from Amazon!!

Chip Forks

Chip Forks are on the way to you Lara! I bought some through Amazon it was only £4 for 1000, so you may have a few spare.

You may have to buy some chips to use them up, yum yum

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Lemon Top!

Here's a picture of a lemon top. Just so you know.

Pink and Green

This is nice for pink and green ideas. Although not sure if it's the shades you want. But nice ideas for decorating the marquee.

Also thought this was quite cute as it ties the pink theme to the seaside. It's from a nice little blog called Tastefully Entertaining. Worth a look.


What about a stick of rock with your names going through the centre?

Lottie McPhee

Here are some of the photos from the Let Them Eat Cake Show where Lottie McPhee sold cakes. Lots of yummy flavours - all with locally sourced products, like Alwnick Rum etc.

The huge cup cake on the top was about £30 and individually they were around £1-£1.50

sandpits and love hearts

This is Georgina and Chris' wedding blog.

A virtual collage of all things lovely and 'British beach wedding' related.