Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Hi Folks, love all the lists. Am working on a drawing which will lend itself well to including most of these things. Die cutting is still definitely an option and have found a few suppliers who will cut bespoke plates - just need to get some prices from them .

some good ideas on here http://tutorialblog.org/creative-custom-die-cuts-on-business-cards/

thought i'd list some of the peeps i need to contact below so i have them all in one place. there was this really great company who did exactly what we're looking for - Go Kreate, but i think they've closed down as i can't find them anywhere and their website is redundant. Will keep ing looking though as price could still be an issue (or not!) anyway i found them on a forum http://www.craftsforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=6578 so will keep searching. xx


The Save the Date (inserted after the fact - for archive purposes)

NOTE: If i did these again I'd do them individually and not try to cram them into a 3 hour printing slot!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Stationary inspiration...

Some pretty ideas here...
(can't get to hyperlink0

Also - here's the Rob Ryan one you were talking about...

I spoke to Tara at work who's friend had that lazer cut invite I showed you - and turns out she had to borrow lots of favours to get it done as it was pricey. Like you said.

How does the cut out block option work out? Would we able to tie in a couple of different items, like order of service, thank yous?


Sunday, 10 January 2010

George & Chris love.........

We Love.......
Dark Rum
Pork Pies
Fish, especially flat fish
Craster Kippers
Willies Chocolate, lindt chocolate
Pain au chocolat
Northumberland & London
Travelling, far east, Cambodia, Vietnam & New Zealand
Beach, BBQs, Sand, sea, surf, surfing and campervans
Guitars, guitar music and the band man, and the band
Arty stuff
Diamonds and all things sparkly
Tennis, darts, cricket, NUFC, beach rounders
Border Terriers
Open fires
Period Houses
Snow and all manner of dramatic weather

Not sure how you will interpret this, however if you need more detail give us a shout x x x