Monday, 9 August 2010

Remaining items

Hello lady

Just listing the remaining things I can think we need to do:
A. Table names (x12 A5)
B. Seating plan (x12 A4)
C. Menu (x36 = approx 3 per table - was thinking these could go on a lollipop stick - check this out as inspiration
D. Order of service (x120)
E. Who's who (x36 approx = 3 per table)

Chris and I need to agree the words for these things but does all this sound ok?

I was thinking of the fish forks and perhaps we just provide them at the end unprinted. I was going to get some woven labels to use - and was thinking i could get the wording to say thanks for coming on then could stick these on the back of the name place cards (which Vicki is writing).

Time is rolling on too quick. I need to pull a sickie - not enough time!!!

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