Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Hi Folks! Hope this finds you both well. I'm just tying things up as I'm finally booked in to print with Lee next Saturday and Sunday (after my wee mess up with ordering a positive instead of a negative, which has delayed printing by a week). So, for the additional pieces to go in with the invitation here's what I have done - did we say we needed anything else (can't remember whether the map was a go-er or not- if so, i'll crack on with it as i'd like to have everything finished before next Tuesday). Can you let me know which of the Where To Stays you'd prefer? And if there's anything else I said I'd do. Much love xx


  1. YOU ARE SO AMAZING! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR DESIGNS. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm really hoping that this has not been too much of a stress for you - it is sooooo fantastic that you are doing all this work, I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

    The 'new' pieces look brilliant. Just need to remind myself what they look like now i'm saying what I think! Back in a tick...

  2. noticed a typo in the 'if you are not staying in Bamburgh'... there's an extra 'and' in there before the 'we would recommend' bit.

    was there also a couple of cottage website - Grace Darling Holidays and Bamburgh First?

    Thinking I prefer the text all on the left option. Love the tree. it's so beautiful.

    we could lose a taxi company if there is not enough space. border cabs could go.

    how are you getting on with the map of Bamburgh? it is working out ok?

    Did I tell you how amazing you are?